• Foreign Commercial Representation:
Increase your presence in the foreign market. Easily coordinate your import / export operations. Provide confidence to your customers with timely and accurate deliveries.
• Logistics Plan:
Develop a supply chain management plan for your company. Track your fleet. Plan your routes. Comply with International Regulations.
• Attention to National and Foreign Suppliers:
Strengthen a healthy and lasting relationship with suppliers. Keep a continuous communication with the client. Solve problems with: quick attention, quick answers, quick quotes, quick collection and quick deliveries.
• Integral Consulting on Foreign Trade Operations:
Get to know the Foreign Trade Rules to sell products abroad.
• Management, Consultancy and Customs Formalities:
Use tools to know the commercial information and customs procedures. Still optimizing your transport systems for a true commercialization.


• International Accelerator:
AAccelerate your company towards international markets, it manages to boost its growth and consolidates your business with new clients.
• Real Export Feasibility Diagnostics:
Know how prepared your company is to export and participate in international markets.
• Market Validation for Export:
Identify opportunities in the international market. Define your customer and market, its size, growth and potential. Develop commercial strategies to delve in the foreign market.
• Consultancy in implementation of improvements in the company to Export:
Strengthen your company in an intelligent way by identifying and improving the areas of opportunity in your organization. Achieve timely deliveries and excellent quality of your products or services.
• Mentoring for commercialization in foreign markets.
Receive a personalized accompaniment that allows you to learn in a practical way the commercial steps to follow to make a successful export.


• Strategic Planning for Export Workshop:
Develop intelligent plans and programs to achieve your export goals and objectives. Know your strengths, take advantage of your opportunities and improve your weaknesses.
• Training for Export:
Learn in a dynamic and practical way the basic concepts to successfully carry out the export of your products or services.
• Logistics and Supply Chain:
Increase your productivity. Plan activities between production and markets. Create an optimal distribution network.
• International Marketing:
Know the international markets, identify and develop the best ways to market your product or service.
• Design Thinking for Export:
Re invent your business model, think big, think globally. A new way of seeing a business allows new opportunities in the market.

• International Technology Monitoring:
Visualize, adopt or innovate the technological trends of the global market of your product or service. Take advantage of new knowledge for your business.

• Business Culture:
Identify from a sociological and anthropological point of view the values, customs and cultural habits of a business and labor community in another country. Understanding a culture is understanding your client or ally.

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